Through the STIP Strategic Partnership Program our partners will enjoy the following partner benefits:

  1. Industry Feedback and Influence: Our partners will have the opportunity to provide feedback on STIP research and innovation projects and share domain expertise, which in turn will influence research and innovation directions, use case exploration and experiments and studies undertaken.

  2. Advisory Board: Our partners will have the opportunity to nominate a representative to the STIP advisory board, influencing STIP decision making.

  3. Use of Resources: Our partners will have access to the STIP testbed at the UCSD campus, and the data collected as part of research and experimentation under the STIP program.

  4. Joint Studies: Our partners will have the opportunity to develop and conduct new studies using the STIP testbed, in collaboration with STIP researchers, including options of appropriate enhancements to the testbed to facilitate the joint studies.

  5. Focused Funding Opportunities: Studies and research related to the STIP program may be sponsored by our partners at costs determined mutually by both parties. STIP will work with our partners to introduce UCSD funding opportunities that meet agreed upon focused areas of investment. Further, said specific research projects will be the subject of a separate research agreement between our partner and UC San Diego.

  6. Smart and Green Transportation Startup Pipeline: Our partner will have the opportunity to participate in the STIP accelerator programs for startups developing smart and clean transportation related technologies in order to build a future pipeline of impactful investment opportunities. Options include program and team sponsorships. The accelerator programs are managed by STIP partner Institute for the Global Entrepreneur (IGE) (

  7. Marketing: Our partner and STIP will have the opportunity to mutually promote our collaboration as desired via public relations, including each other’s logos on websites, social media, and connections with ecosystem partners.

  8. Events and Showcases: Our partner will have the opportunity to participate in STIP related events, including speaking and panelist positions, as well as exhibiting Company innovations along with other participants.

To discuss joining us as a Partner, please get in touch by sending us a message via Send Message below.