The Smart Transportation Innovation Program (STIP) is a University of California, San Diego based global initiative consisting of multiple city, community, academia and industry partners. It combines research driven innovation and entrepreneurship to create safe, smart, and sustainable road experiences for all road users including vehicles and pedestrians alike.

At the heart of STIP is a first-of-its-kind collaborative data sharing platform, comprising of multi-modal fusion, machine vision and predictive intelligence, using real-time streaming data from vehicles, drones, pedestrians, smart street IoTs, EV charging stations and smart grids. Enabling community-centric design and policies, including ensuring data privacy, security, trust and ethics, are important considerations of our collaborative data sharing platform. We are developing novel computing and communication architectures and testbed to enable the data sharing platform. These consist of massively distributed vehicle and edge based computing, and hybrid V2X communications with unlicensed, sub-6 and mmWave communications. The collaborative data sharing platform will lead to applications developed by STIP partners and innovators enabling the next generation of safe and sustainable mobility solutions.

In collaboration with our city, community, industry and academic partners, STIP aims to help create an innovation eco-system for smart, safe and sustainable transportation solutions. Towards that end, we aim to create “Living Laboratories” for development, testing and demonstration of STIP innovations, facilitate multi-partner research and innovation initiatives, and facilitate new start-ups.

If you are a company, community organization or city interested in partnering with us, or if you wish to learn more about STIP related opportunities, please contact:

Professor Sujit Dey