EV Grid Integration

This project has established the “Art of the Possible” for Workplace EVSEN for commercial penetration beyond the Early Adopter Market. The explosive MONTHLY 8% growth rate in EV commuters and MWH dispensed has been dubbed “Tiger by the Tail”. The initial $1M investment of Level II stub outs created a globally unparralled mix of commercial and early prototypes simultaneously serving real world fleet, commuter and public markets.

Vehicular Edge Computing

Clean Transportation

Quality of Service Optimization for Vehicular Edge Computing with Solar-Powered Road Side Units

Principal Investigator
Sujit Dey
Research Students
Yujen Ku

In this emerging use case, solar-powered road side units (SRSUs), consisting of small cells with MEC, is to be used to provide ultra-low latency services to passing vehicles. The objective of the initiative is to develop techniques to minimize the QoS loss in terms of service outage for the vehicular edge computing applications. The proposed approach is to mitigate the temporal and spatial mismatch of the solar power generation and power consumption of SRSUs through SRSUs’ battery charging/discharging management and vehicle association strategies.